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International Society for Percutaneous Hydrotomy (SIHP)

The International Society for Percutaneous Hydrotomy (SIHP) was set up to promote percutaneous hydrotomy techniques and the dissemination of knowledge in this field, to provide training in these techniques, to extend the scope of percutaneous hydrotomy research, and to facilitate communication between medical practitioners, healthcare workers and patients.

Percutaneous hydrotomy was developed based on the results of medical research in the practitioner’s office. It has been in use for more than 25 years, with several tens of thousands of cases treated by mesoperfusion internationally. Use of the technique remains the responsibility of the practitioner and remains to be scientifically validated if it is to be recognised by all. Percutaneous hydrotomy is based on the same principles as very dilute mesotherapy or mesodilution.
It should be remembered that mesotherapy has been recognized and validated by the French Academy of Medicine, the French Order of Physicians, the ANAES (French National Agency for Accreditation and Health Assessment). It is taught in the university-hospitals in Paris, Dijon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, recognised through the award of an inter-university diploma (DIU).

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